Special Scholarship to Zhang Hongxia

Zhang Hongxia, a current middle school student, had a successful congenital heart disease surgery on September 3rd, 2010 with the help from Angel Heart International. All the cost for the surgery was funded by Angel Heart as Hongxia’s family is under poor economic conditions. Hongxia’ physical condition was back to normal after the surgery and she wanted to go back to school. However, her family’s economic difficulties jeopardized her hope. Hongxia’s mother is suffering from eye disease and the treatment had already cost the family almost 7,000 dollars. Hongxia’s father could not go out to work because he has to take care of Hongxia’ mother at home. The only income of the family is from less than an acre of land and they have to pay the debt, so Hongxia and her siblings are facing the crisis of dropout of school.

Hongxia’s brother is now in high school and he has a really good academic performance. In order to save money for her mother’s treatment, he only eats one meal per day. Hongxia also has a younger sister in middle school. To save the 5 dollar ticket from Hui Ning to Dingxi, Hongxia did not go to the AHI annual reunion even though she really wanted to go.

Around Chinese New Year of 2015, AHI started a special campaign to help Hongxia and her sibling to continue school. More than 40 children donated their gifts received during the holidays to this special scholarship.  Final donation list can be found at the end of this page.  The scholarship was given to Hongxia on 3/21/2015 for school year of 2014-2015 and on 8/8/2015 for school year of 2015-2016. We believe the best way to say "Thank You" to our supporters is to publish Hongxia's letter to AHI here: “Although we are 10,000 miles apart, although I know there is no word can express our gratitude , let this letter be the most sincere wishes and thanks from the deep valley in Huining's mountain range!"


 现在读初中二年级的会宁女孩张红霞在天使心基金会的帮助下于2010年9月3号成功地完成了治愈先天性心脏病的手术。由于家庭经济情况非常困难,本次手术所有费用全部由天使心资助。身体恢复健康后的红霞满怀感激和希望回到学校。可是,严峻的经济困难却一直困扰着红霞一家。红霞妈妈患眼疾治病花去4万多人民币还一直没好,因为妈妈有病,爸爸也不能出去打工。一家人靠几亩地维持生活的同时还要还债,红霞兄妹面临辍学的危机。红霞的哥哥现在读高中一年级,学习成绩前10名。为了省钱给妈妈治病,每天只吃一次饭。红霞还有个上初中一年级的妹妹。红霞也非常懂事,连续两年忍痛不来参加天使心的年度聚会,只是因为要节省从会宁到定西仅仅三十元的车票。 天使心在2015中国新年举办了捐压岁钱帮助张红霞兄妹返校活动,现已圆满结束。有超过40位同龄的孩子们为张红霞兄妹特别奖学金捐献。具体明细见下表。这笔特别奖学金于2015年3月21日(供2014-2015学年)及2015年8月8日(供2015-2016学年)两次发放。 我们在这里发布红霞给天使心的感谢信(见上图),这是对所有积极支持这次活动的爱心人士最好的报告和感谢! Final Donation List Total donation: $1060


  Name   City   State
1 Allen Lu   Foothill Ranch   California
2 Alice Lee   Rancho Santa Margarita   California
3 Benjamin and Jeremy Li   Portola Hills   California
4 Kimberly and Lisa Shi   Irvine   California
5 Zoe Wu   Round Rock   Texas
6 Elaine Chi   Irvine   California
7 Shuang Li   Irvine   California
8 Dorina Lin   Irvine   California
9 Horace Lu   Beijing   China
10 Kelly Lu   Foothill Ranch   California
11 Phoebe Cao   Ladera Ranch   California
12 Stella Cao   Ladera Ranch   California
13 Kaixin Zhao       California
14 Jonathan Zhou   Irvine   California
15 Qingfang Yao   Irvine   California
16 Jeffrey Xu   Irvine   California
17 Diane Li   Irvine   California
18 Hannah Li   Irvine   California
19 Yuan Cheng   Richmond    BC,Canada
20 In memory of My beloved Briar and pumpkin        
21 Alina Tang, Leon Tang   Austin   Texas
22 Daixin Yin   Elk Grove   California
23 Jenny Wang   Mission Viejo   California
24 Armond and Mona Dai   Fort Collins   Colorado
25 Albert Wen   Irvine   California
26 Troy Yuan-Bengisu   West Bloomfield   Michigan
27 Chenxi Tang   Lake Forest   California
28 Lucy Ho   Hacienda Heights   California
29 Bryan, Brandon and Carolyn Lu   Laguna Hills   California
30 Joyce Yuan   Cerritos   California
31 Lucy Wan   Cerritos   California
32 Yixiang Chen   Mission Viejo   California
33 Share a Dream (Global Youth Charity)   Irvine   California