Travel Arrangements

Summer Gansu Support Group Program –┬áTravel Arrangements

Travel Arrangements and Responsibilities
Airfare to and from China is not included in the Program. This allows you to shop around for the best possible deal available, allows for flexible dates (in the case that you would like to travel before or after the Program), and enables the use of any airline, in case you subscribe to a mileage program. Volunteers are responsible for making their own travel arrangements, both to and from China.

Hotel and Dining Arrangements
While all hotel arrangements will be made for you, please be prepared to provide food for yourself. Please bring enough money to cover all food expenses for the extent of the Program.

Flight Itinerary
All volunteers going on the Program must submit their flight itinerary. Your program coordinators will receive this information, and in some groups, it will be used to facilitate an airport pick-up if necessary. Should your flight be changed, delayed, or cancelled, we will be able to determine appropriate arrangements. Volunteers who do not submit their flight information by the due date jeopardize their airport pickup option, if airport pickup is available.

AHI assumes no responsibility for bookings or any injury, death, loss, or delay incurred by any person in connection with lodging or the service of any train, bus, vessel, car, carriage, aircraft, or any other type of vehicle which may be used in conjunction with any Summer Gansu Support Group Program.