FAQ for Gansu Trip

Summer Gansu Support Group Program – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I invite a friend(s) to go with me on the Support Group Program?

A: No, you may not invite a friend to accompany you on the Support Group Program. If you would like to enroll in a group with your friend(s), both you and your friend(s) must fill out a separate applications and indicate each other’s names under the fellow volunteer group requests. Our selection committee will do its best to place both you and your friend(s) in the same group.

Q: How many hours of volunteering are required for consideration on the Support Group Program?
A: There are no set required hours of volunteering, but you must have been part of AHI for at least a month and be actively participating in one of the groups.

Q: Am I guaranteed a spot on the trip if I apply?
A: When a program fills, a waitlist will be created and volunteers will be placed on the list in order of priority, based on a combination of when their completed enrollment forms are received by our AHI office and also based on their seniority and activity. When an opening occurs on the program, volunteers on the waitlist will be notified immediately via email in the order of their priority on the list. Upon notification, volunteers will be given a deadline to confirm or turn down their enrollment. Volunteers are NOT permitted to be placed on a waitlist and be enrolled in a different AHI Support Group Program date at the same time; however volunteers may choose to be placed on more than one waiting list.