Many times throughout the planning, designing, and building up of this organization, we’ve been asked to start a FAQ page. This page is a reference guide to you, a place where we can clarify your questions about our organization’s intentions and ideas.

What is Angel Heart?

Angel Heart International is a public 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation serving to help children with congenital heart diseases (CHD) in China and other developing countries.

There are so many different organizations out there, what makes you so special? 

We do admit that there are a lot of non-profit organizations out there with a cause just as significant as ours, but believe every small effort made to save a life is never gone to waste. Kids should have a chance to live out their lives, not to have it taken away from them at such an early age. Our goal is to not only give these children a future, but a reason for them and their families to smile.

How does the surgery help? 

CHD diseases can only be cured with surgery, not medication. A child with CHD will often experience a difficulty in breathing, and most of them will experience extreme weariness or pain when doing any work at all, even when just walking. Other symptoms include whitened lips and swollen legs after walking up slopes.
Many of the surgeries treating CHD has a high chance of success, given they are performed in time. After the surgery, many children can lead normal lives.

Are my donations to Angel Heart International tax deductible?

Yes. With your donation, you will receive a tax receipt.

What is the total cost of the operation, hospital stays, etc?

The entire process, from surgery to hospital stays to checkups and medications, etc, costs approximately $2,000 to $4,000.

What can I do to help?

Any donations made to here or by check are greatly appreciated. If you want to consider becoming a volunteer or offer any suggestions to help improve Angel Heart International, please do not hesitate to contact us.