Our Mission

Angel Heart International is committed to serving children with congenital heart diseases in developing countries. We promise to do everything possible for these children, and work not only to show them compassion, but also a bright future.


Our Methodology

AHI follows its mission very closely and holds it with utmost regard. In order to accomplish our mission statement, the key components of each volunteer and program is compassion and devotion. Each project, program, and child taken care of is done to completion. Before moving forward, our current project must first be fully taken care of, from conception, action, and continued evaluation. Our method applies to the CHD children that we take care of. To ensure that each child receives not only the financial and medical help they need, but also the emotional support before, during, and after the surgery process. Our volunteers create lasting family bonds with these children, continuing to visit them long after their surgery has completed.  

Our Vision

We seek more grassroot efforts to give love and care to the CHD children and their families, and to go beyond simply providing medical services to them.

We seek collaboration with other charities and NGOs so that the children AHI serves can later benefit from education, poverty alleviation, and other relief organizations. The goal is to create a chain of care for those children. We also focus on our volunteers so that they will have heartwarming and rewarding experiences from their work.

Angel Heart International focuses on one province at a time to make our business model work before expanding the programs to other provinces and countries.